Till my engineering classes i never tried to have a girl friend or gave chance to myself to fall in love, but when i got my first job i met with an girl whom i had like very much, i was so shy that i never proposed her, so to go further i decided to be her good friend, so for that i bought a gift and choclate for her on friendship day.I still remember it was around 8 oclock in the night when i thought of giving it, but when i was about to give that, i saw three of her friends were also there with her so as she was of very shy kind of personality, i decided to give her when she will alone. I waited for her friends to go and after that i proposed my gift as a friendship day gift, but she refused to take it, then i offered her a choclate and she was refusing it as well, but after my persuation she took it, but the tragedy is that she didn't eat the choclate and distribute it among her friends, i felt really bad and so bad that i ignored her for 3 days further, but i dont what made me to again go to her and talk, today we are just friends, and with time i realized that she didn't want to be relationship with me and  what i learned from this that it is good to fall in love, but make sure that you should expect anything from it when it is from both sided, otherwise it will hurt you a lot.
puneesh puneesh
22-25, M
Jul 10, 2010