Nick & Emy

Love is an undiscovered feeling that when you do finally discover it changes you completely! Being in love is completely diffrent from loving someone. You can love your mother and your friends. But when you're in's this indescribable feeling of dizzyness, stomach ache, nervousness, sensitivity, obsession, need and lust all wrapped up into one emotion that you feel all at once! He's the only person on the face of this earth that knows everything about me. He knows exactly how to cheer me up and exactly how to make me sad. I spent a month away from him and I would wake up every night and have a panicĀ attack because he wasn't laying next to me. When I'm away from him I get that feeling that I'm forgetting something! Like there's a huge part of me missing. No matter how good or spectacular the day went It was depressing unless I spoke to him. I don't even see guys as attractive unless they look like him! And even then they're just okay. I love every part of him body mind and soul... But not in that perticular order. He will do anything to make me smile. Make a fool of himself, hurt himself, even embarrass himself in front of his friends. When we were apart he would sing me to sleep over the phone... or oovoo. You know your in love with someone when everything you do or say in one way or another relates back to them. When saying I'm tired puts the image of them yawning in your mind. When the word fun dosent have the same definition unless they're with you. When you say sleep and you imagine them next to you. When you say sex and you can only picture yourself with one other person. When you say baby and they're the father. You know you're in love when suddently all the problems in the world are insignificant because the only thing that matters is being with them! I know I'm in love because despite all the things we've been through and all the reasons why we shouldn't be together we are, and being apart makes us suffer. I love you Nick!Ā And even if none of this makes any sense that's the point. Because I'm in love and since when did love make sense?
Emycurious95 Emycurious95
13-15, F
Aug 4, 2010