I Am In Love With Myself

A light bulb has just switch on...

Life has been bliss lately...truly blissful

I thought that it was mainly because I xRocks and i had been falling in love all over again but it only just occurred to me that for once in my life I am truly at peace with myself. I like who I am.

It all makes sense to me can't really love another person entirely if you don't first and foremost love yourself...

Isshe Isshe 36-40, F 11 Responses Dec 15, 2010

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This is really lovely Isshe. And so very true. I think WO put it in a nutshell. You can be all nice and give, and create give-take relationships. But when you love yourself too, you get to these amazing give-give relationships, that feel.... wow. I know you too are so at WOW! LOL :)

*comes to senses, closes mouth*






lol...AP...would you prefer to hear what we have planned for Friday night???



*feeling very soppy*

Dayum, you two, you've just ruined a night of hardcore porning for me....



Same here! Surprises aplenty. We will never get bored, but we will have to keep working at it too I think ;) Friday Friday Friday

Oh yes is a point in standing still and getting all boring now is there? Adventure, adventure, adventure! I love that there is just so much for us to discover about ourselves and each other still!

WOO...thank you x

Dearest Isshe,

this is a lovely story for me to read, some feelings that are entirely your due to enjoy. I think it's true that just as you have come to see what i see in you already, there is suddenly more about you for me to know and love.

lol GW. So what was it I was feeling for Isshe before she truly loved herself, eh? Just pure wanton lust? Of course ;)

I have believed in this concept for some time. I think it paves the way for a give - give relationship rather than a give - take relationship.

Regardless of what I believe in, it's nice to see such a blissful couple.

Yes...I think it was you who told me that GW :) xx