Being In Love Is the Best Thing In the World

My boyfriend and I met at a party on January 10, 2006. A bunch of us were in the loby of the apartment building where one of my friends was having a party for his birthday. I saw him first and he looked up and saw me and smiled. I'll never forget the feeling that look gave me.

He was just moving in that day, and I convinced my friend to invite him over to the party to hang out and get to know people. He was very quiet at first and was by himself, watching the party and drinking the beer. We kept eyeing eachother from across the room. I was trying to get up my confidance to go and talk to him. He talked to some guys and they let him play a little on the guitar that was there. I finally went over, followed by one of my girlfriends, Brit, and sat next to him and listened to him play.

We were all drinking and having a blast and both my friend and I were talking to him. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes. Another one of my friends, Ell, said she needed a ride to go pick someone up and he offered to drive her. Both me and Brit went along. As we were walking out I got the hint that my friend was in compitition with me. She ran over to the car and got into the front seat. I was so angry with her!

Before we drove back, I faked feeling sick and made Brit switch seats with me. I got to sit up front and we talked the whole way back to the party. When we were back, a few of us went into Ell's room, including my now boyfriend and Brit, and we smoked a joint and drank a few more beers.

We were all just talking and Brit started flirting with him again! I decided that I was going to stop that right there. He was not going to get away from me! The confidance I got from the beer showed and I said to him, "so do you have a girlfriend, because I think that you are pretty cute" That stopped all conversation and everyone in the room looked at me. My comment seemed to come out of nowhere. Instantly, all of his attention was on me. He told me that he didn't have a girlfriend and he thought I was pretty cute myself.

We were together the rest of the night and at the end, he walked me home. Standing in the cold, outside my house he looked at me and put his arms around me. "see you tomorrow?" I asked and he answered back "maybe" with a huge grin on his face. His face came close and we shared the most amazing, tingling, heart pounding kiss. He lifted his head back, nodded, and said "deffinatly". We exchanged numbers and have been together ever since.

Brit was jelous for about a day, and then got over it. She said that I really do deserve a guy like him, especially after the nightmarish relationships I've had in the past. She remains one of my best friends.

He is the most amazing person in the world and makes me feel so important and loved. We've been living together for a while and it's bliss with him. He always tells me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. He's helped me to see that I deserve so much more than what I've gotten in the past. I am my happiest around him. Sure, we argue some, but who doesn't? I feel so lucky to be with him. I love him!!

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Wow seriously that's so romantic especially the way your evening ended with that first kiss! Sounds like sparks were just flying and they still are!! Good for you what a great story it gives me hope!