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Hello Again, Love!

It is 5am and I sort of am doing my first real walk of shame. I want to tell the world, brag. Alriiight! But at the same time I was driving home screaming expletives about the whole thing.

I wrote him a letter. Handwritten, heartfelt. Nothing too gushy. Just thinking of you when I have to travel, love getting to know more about you, you can count on me if you need me. Sappy stuff. I debated sending it but it has been burning me up to say anything.

He finalized his divorce a while ago, mine will take a while so I am filing separation now. Already living in a separate place, moving the rest of my things out.

Well, I was sort of thinking that I don't want to be second best and wanted to move on. This is why I was swearing. I cannot think straight around him. We laugh and joke, talk about everything, and grown up stuff. Nothing had ever been as amazing in all my long term short term relationships than with him. He is so amazing and I feel like I want to say I wish I could quit him, lol.

So I handed him the letter. He made me coffee, sent me home with a bit of food. I feel so annoyingly happy around him. I didn't tell him much except he has a place in my heart. That I get nervous right before I see him. Things like that. Ah well, whatever. We fart in front of one another at this point. All kinds of gross bodily noises. I am just hoping for the best to come of it because he really does make me happy.
Tekkamaki Tekkamaki 31-35 4 Responses Jan 18, 2012

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Great to find you so enthusiastic and happy again Tek :) xx

Great to find you so enthusiastic and happy again Tek :) xx

Yaaay! It's so funny because he does artwork and the first line of my letter was a reference to a movie and he finished a painting from the same movie the next day. It's nice to be with someone that actually likes me back, lol. Enjoys my company. It's night and day from my life before. Eeeeeee!!!!! :D

I think the annoyingly happy part is a dead give away. Good for you Tekk!