The Unexpected Love Story

It all started 9 years ago on an elementary school playground. He was the boy with the German accent and long black hair and he became my best friend. I had a major ‘little kid’ crush on him. I moved when the school year ended and he moved out of the school system. 

I never saw him again until I was visiting my dad and I went to a festival the town was having. It had been seven years since we parted ways when we literally ran into each other. Neither of us recognized the otherso I mumbled an apology and went on my way. I didn’t know until later that night, when my cousin mentioned who he was, that he was my Jonathan. I was curious so I decided to look him up and send him a message. 

Me: I don't know if you remember me, but I went to second grade with you. I saw you at the festival thing and my cousin mentioned who you are and I thought I’d say hey.

Him: do I remember u? I had a crush on u thru third grade. Lol but ya you’re a person I didn't think to hear from. And sorry it took so long to mail u back. I don't use myspace much anymore.

Me: Really? I had a crush on you too. I've wanted to message you before but I didn't think you'd remember me. I don't really use myspace anymore but it was the only way I could think to get a hold of you on. Lol

Him: well, I’ll look u up on facebook, if that's ok. But ya I remember u. and I remember how hunter and Gary would make fun of me all the time cause I had that crush. lol. so where are u now? Are u goin to Taylor county or what?

That was the beginning of our new relationship. He quickly became my best friend. We talked every day for a couple hours. Our conversations ranged from what happened that day to what we wanted from our futures. One thing we always agreed on was that love wasn’t worth it. 

Katie: Tell him he’s wrong.

Me: about what?

Him: She says that life has ‘happily ever afters’ 

Katie: You agree with me don’t you?

Me: Sorry but life doesn’t have happily ever afters.

Katie: You know what! You’re perfect for each other.

Him and Me: We don’t date.

We were always being mistaken for a couple and each time we would tell the person we didn’t date. A small part of me always wanted to be able to say “yeah he’s mine.” I was afraid to tell him how I felt and so he didn’t find out until the very cousin who started it all this sent him a message. 

Her: You need to tell her how you feel because this playing with her emotions isn’t right. She likes you and it’s been three years since she has liked someone so you need to man up or give her up. 

I don’t know what his reply was but a couple weeks later he asked me out and I said yes. it’s been a fairytale ever since. It took us a month to kiss and five months to say those three words. I can still remember that day like it happened yesterday. We stood in the park with the rain pouring down on us; his arms were wrapped around me in an attempt to keep me warm. Pulling back from a kiss he stared into my eyes before opening his mouth. 

Him: You know I love you, don’t you?

Me: *shakes head* I love you too. 

Him: It’s still scary ya know.

Me: What is?

*He looks down at our intertwined hands.*

Me: I know. It scares me too. 

Saturday will be a year since that wonderful rainy day when he finally made that leap and asked me to be his. My love for him grows more each day. I know things get rough sometimes but he's worth it. He's my rock and I couldn't ask for anyone better. He's my forever. 
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Wish my boyfriend would just say those three words

ahhh.. thats so cute.. what a story... :) hope u will be together forever.. :)