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Truly, Madly, Deeply

Yes, I am in love with her. Sometimes I can´t believe what´s happening to me. That this wonderful, amazing, smart, warm-hearted, generous, humorous, open-minded woman is in love with me too. I am surprised how easy-going our relationship is although the circumstances sometimes seem challenging and we both have to prove our patience. Everyday I am waiting for her message(s) or phonecall - I am hungry for her words! As a little ritual I send her a special kiss everyday - a promise I made and a pleasure to keep! It´s really astonishing to recognize myself behaving in "unusual ways" like wanting to touch her all the time when we meet or like missing her so badly I could cry.
And I am really thankful for this crazy state of mind because she enriches my life!!!
N0B0DYSWIFE N0B0DYSWIFE 31-35, F Feb 5, 2012

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