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My boyfriend and I met when I was 19 and he was 20...that was 6 years ago and we're still just as much in love, if not more. We met online through a college-themed website where people could put up profiles of themselves. I don't think the website exists anymore.

One day I was searching through the profiles with photos to see if recognized anyone. That's when I came across his profile. I thought he was cute and he liked The Cure - which is also my favorite band, so i decided to send him an email and say hello. We only lived 20 miles away from eachother so we talked online for a couple weeks before we decided to meet at a coffee shop on campus. We hit it off in person as well and not soon after that we started going out every weekend. We moved in together after our 2nd year together.

I was kind of worried that our relationship would change in a bad way after that, but it only got better. He graduated this past spring and I decided I wanted to finish school too (I got my Associates degree and was working full-time). Even though he had just found a new job that he really liked, he decided to move almost 200 miles away with me so I could finish school and get my Bachelor's degree.

We don't fight very often and we have a lot of fun together. We don't have much money since he's the only one working right now, but we still manage to find things to do for fun. I still get excited to see him when he comes home from work every night. We're not engaged yet or anything-money is an issue there- but we will be someday. We're not in a huge hurry for it or anything, but it will happen someday. Besides, what's the hurry when we still have the rest of our lives to spend together?
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How lovely! I hope to soon find a man who wishes to be with me as much as I would love to be with him as it seems you and your man does. Congratulations! I am sure it is well deserved! (:


That is so awesome! I'm so in love right now. I haven't been with my bf that long....only 8 months and change but we never have had one argument and love to spend time together. We are always doing and trying new things and there is never a dull moment. Right now we are in a long distance relationship but we love each other just the same. I just love him so much! He has stuck with me through all of my Army officer's training and says he's not going anywhere. He's a former Marine Corps officer and understands. We always have each other's back. :)

Really its a great love. I wish you "All the best".

i am in love, like you! and im so happy! i love my boyfriend soo much! and he treats me like a princess! i hope we are always together and after 6 years i hope we are as happy as you two! x

Like you, I finally found that kind of love, comfortable good, healthy love, i am happy to hear other stories of such good love as yours. Thanks for sharing and I compliment you on a well-written emotional story.