How Did This Happen?

How did I fall so completely in love with you? I hadn't even known you that long before I wanted to be with you all the time, make you happy, feel your hands on me....

What is it about you that makes me want to swoon? Since I first began to notice you, I have been overwhelmed by what a kind person you are, how truly good you are. But that was later.  Much sooner than that, I felt a pull towards you...stronger than the gravity that keeps us on this planet. What did I sense in you, early on?

I may never figure this out...and things may never work out between us, but I hope they do...
lonelyheart807 lonelyheart807
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4 Responses May 2, 2012

Is it love?
Is it infatuation?
Is it being in love (with the thought of being in love)?
As if being swept away with a magick/witch spell???
How do we tell the difference?
What is the real definition of love? (rather than a personal perception of love)?
What is the real definition of infatuation? (rather than our perception of what it truly means)?
Are we that lonely (myself included), that perhaps (not definetly just a chance), we become desperate for love to the point that we settle? we jump at the chance? Are we being subliminally (through the use of psychological tactics [devil's playground]), we commonly refer to this as being charmed by a person (yes, charmed charm is another word for magic spell or manipulation), If we only knew how many people become so desperate they resort to love spells???
I have heard of how to pick up woman seminars that by what you say trigger such responses from women. Yes, Yes, Its called Stealth attraction

Here are links to such manipulative Witch/sorcerer practices of charming or love spells!
The I dont know what came over me feeling!

I can see it now all men reading this learning the material and vise a versa all woman checking out the manipulative technique hehehe.

This is just one of many programs out there, alot of success stories too!
I can seee it now...He couldnt have done that, he just couldnt!?!?
or if he did I dont care atleast I am not lonely!?! Hey, more power to you!
You are in the right path Lonelyheart807 to question why you feel what you feel but dont stop not knowing, seek that answer no matter where the truth leads (even if truth leads to finding out something distatsteful as those men that push womans buttons in a psychological (demonic/satanic and sorcerer like way, if you ask me), way .

I too in my hayday used the best pick up lines and tactics (shamefully), but I dont do that nomore.
I want to share my story click on the EP link

Dont stop searching and dont allow to be confused in thinking is love when it may turn out to be otherwise (all respect to the way you feel)DONT STOP SEARCHING!
Thank You for sharing Lonelyheart807

Trust me...he is not doing all of the above.

Don't stop searching!!!!!!! Find out what is! Truly, put a finger on it!
There is an answer for everything, so follow the truth No matter where it leads (whether it makes you comfortable or uncomfortable).
Find out what the true definition of love is...
Find out what exactly is infatuation...
Find out if you are a Hopeless romantic... (being in love of the fact of being in love) being in love with the ACT of falling/being in love.

I know exactly what you mean!

Beautifully written. I relate well to this, because I felt this way about my bf about 9 months ago. Now, I'm living in the past, trying to recapture those feelings, because things are going quite so well. I hope things work for you. There's no better feeling in the world.

As things turn out, they're not working out so well...

Let's just both hope that things get better for us. We had that happiness once, and we can again.

I guess...I still love him.

amazing story.Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. What a wonderful experience.