You Don't Fall In Love At 17.

You don't fall in love at seventeen. But nonetheless, I did.

I've always lived my life with the mindset that Love doesn't happen until you're in your twenties, after you've got a good grasp of who you are and what you want. Anything before that, high school flings and relationships were not love, they couldn't be. How could a child fall in love? It's far too serious an emotion to be felt by a teenager. And yet people all around me were professing their love at such a young naïve age to people they would break up with just months later. They obviously weren't serious, just saying it to say it.
Because I didn't believe in love at a young age, I never looked for it. I just wanted someone I could have fun with, whom I could be myself around; but that proved to be easier said than done. There was ***** , the awkward lanky boy who seemed to adore me from the first conversation, but was far too physical and self-woefull for my liking. Then came *****, a musician with an intriguing cryptic personality, who had a fast car and unfortunately, an equally quick tendency to hop from girl to girl, leaving me in the dust. I wasn't traumatized; it wasnt love, afterall.
Truthfully, I didn't attract many guys that hoped to be my boyfriend, I had many male friends and a few short flings, But overall my days were spent single. I didn't mind too much, telling myself I'd find boyfriends post-high school. My friends had mates they said they loved, and although I smiled and awh'd when they talked about, in my mind I knew they weren't really in love with anything but the fact they had someone to hold them call them baby.
In my junior year, I had stopped looking for guys, I started enjoying being single--not having to be responsible for someone, not having to censor myself from appreciating the ascetics of other men, etc. Then of course, as if on cue by Nicholas Sparks or Nora Ephron, I met him. It wasn't love at first site (that also doesn't happen), just a small interest for a potential new friend. In our first conversation I knew I wanted to befriend him; he was shy and soft-spoken but funny and caring. Soon we started hanging out as friends, while at the same time talking every day without fail. A part of me knew I was starting to develop feelings which I brushed off as simple, typical, small crushing.
After 2 or 3 months of becoming good friends that hung out on a weekly basis, I realized I really liked *****. He was so genuine, he was nice to everyone because he wanted to make them happy, not because he wanted to be well liked. And he was always striving to be a better person, though how you could improve on near perfection I couldn't tell. He could make me smile from one simple pun, his favorite form of humor. He was like no one I had ever talked to before, like every good quality I favored put into one person.
At Christmas I was given my favorite gift of all: his confession of his adoring feelings towards me. Apparently he had been wanting to tell me the whole month of December, but was too shy. I couldn't had possibly been happier.
It's been many months since then and in the time between we've become the closest we could possibly be. He is in all senses of the word my BestFriend, the person I run to for everything and whom I care for incredibly deeply. Against all odds, including my oan stubborn opinions, I've fallen in love with my high-school boyfriend, who returns the affection every chance he gets. He's my one calm place in stressful times, a ****** day turns perfect after spending time with him. He always knows exactly what to say to make me feel better, even when I'm upset with him. Our school psychologist calls us "the Poster Couple for good, healthy teenage relationships".
We both think some people dont mean it when they say theyre in love, but we also know that what we have is pure, selfless love. We're always on the same page with our feelings and intentions, everythings so easy. He's very open about how he feels about me and i cant think of another person that makes me so genuinely happy. I can't express how truly and deeply I love and care for him, or how shocked that I'm in love at seventeen.
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May 12, 2012