I Love Her

Im in love with the most beutiful perfect exquisite amazing great girl. She means the world to me but shes not mine. I wish she was mine because she is the girl of my dreams. Her name is brii its so great and when im around her I cant breathe and my heart beats harder and faster and I cant speak. Shes so great and shes amazing I day dream and dream about holding her in my arms and calling her mine. She has brought me to the ground when I told myself no girl will ever change me but she has me wanting to change for her because I will change for her I will do anything for her. I would trade everything in my life just for her love shes so amazing I love her alot and I never thought id wana go to school but now I do and I dont even have any classes with her I just have my freinds locker that I use now just to see her I came to school even tho I didnt need to just so I could have a chance to hear a few words or to see her for a couple seconds or just to see her smile that makes me feel so warm. Shes the only thing I can think about shes just the greatest and I dont no how my life would be if I didnt ever meet her I love her so much and she knows I like her but I dont wana ask her out because im afraid of rejection and ive asked her out once before but she never answered but shes so great I love her and I just think about all the memories we could have and im in love with brii.
ashamedwalker ashamedwalker
13-15, M
May 13, 2012