The Thin Line

I met Ricardo when i was 17. How we met is the closest thing to a fairytale that I ever experienced. During our relationship though, we had many wonderful times but there were the times that we nearly hated eachother. We broke up countless times. About four years ago we made up after being seperated for nearly a year and I got pregnant with my first child. Amaia was the blessing that we always dreamed of, but the problems still continued. Two years later I had our son, there was nothing else in this world I wanted again but to be his wife. We got engaged for one year and then broke up. I struggled with depression, had no one there to understand how i felt. It wasnt just losing him but I had lost myself. I tried to commit suicide, I didnt want my children anymore and throughout all this I never looked myself in the mirror to see what I had done. I ended up in another relationship when he left. Not for Love but for company....which was not a good idea because although i hated the things that he had done to me, the hurt and the pain, I loved him so deeply and I knew that he loved me. I knew that I was wrong for finding comfort in another when we should have been working things out. I knew I should have tried harder and he should have done the same. Its been three days now since we"ve decided to give it another try. When I 'm with this man there is nothing else I could need in this world. I'm not a believer in love most times, because I was hurt alot but if this isnt love, then I will never know what love is....
siemprecontigo siemprecontigo
26-30, F
May 15, 2012