Forbidden Love Story !!

I am madly in love with a girl ....... i dunno if all of u r goin to support me or not but .... the fact is i am in love with my FIRST COUSIN and i am proud of it !! I am 17 nd she is 18 and both of us r madly in love with eachother !!people who understand me believe in true love nd people who dont - i dont care because i knw god is with us !! me and my cousin made out many times and its beautiful because we knw its true love !! anyways nice to be in this group too!! best luck nd wishes from my side to all of u who truly love their partners !!   
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Did you tell your parents? I can understand you so much!! Let me know how it went please, and if you managed to convince them... our parents just found out because another cousin told all :( and now they're disgusted in us... I don't know what to do, but it feels so good to know we are not alone with this! xxx

ya obs my parents tried their best but it did not work out i hope god helps us ;) take care

No judgment from me . But god does not support this lol . God supports you but not your actions . Well the god I know doesn't read the bible plz .and again no judgment from me love is a strange beast for sure good luck

well.. i would love to argue on this .. but this would never end .. i knw for the fact that my love for her is pure and so i cant afford to loose her.. anyways thanks..u atleast showed respect to my feelings .. cheers !! good luck to u too !!