Random Thoughts - I Knew It Was Love When....

I was beginning to wonder when I would feel like this again...thank you Jace...

I Know It Was Love...

When the sound of her laughter, the twinkle in her eyes makes my heart skip a beat.
When even her bad jokes make me laugh, because I know it makes her happy.
When everywhere I go, I have to buy her a silly gift that reminds me of her.
When I’m constantly sending her sappy texts…just because.
When she walks in a room and I feel my heart racing.
When I’m feeling down, she’s the first person I think of.
When I get good news, she’s the first person I want to share it with.
When she’s upset, I would do anything to make her feel better.
When lying around doing nothing together are some of our most cherished moments.
When I can’t stop wanting to know more about her.
When debating issues turn into a deeper understanding of who we are.
When watching her brush her hair makes leaves me breathless.
When nothing makes me feel more secure than being in her arms.
When she shares her insecurities and fears with me and I feel so blessed to have her trust me so.
When she’s wearing no makeup and all I see is the most beautiful girl in the world.
When mornings we brush our teeth together feel just as intimate as the nights in the bedroom.
When other guys flirt with her and I feel grateful knowing she could be with any guy, and she chose me!
When her imperfections make her perfect.
When everything I see, everything people talk to me about, reminds me of her.
When I can’t stop thinking of new adventures and new memories we want to make together.
When making love begins hours before and continues hours after lovemaking.
When pleasuring her brings me even more pleasure.
When I lose but I feel like I’ve won.
When I know I am where I belong.

ryboy50 ryboy50
22-25, M
1 Response May 25, 2012

aww i want a guy like you :) so sweet kinda brought a tear to my eye . enjoy it handsome its a special sometime to have that very lucky moments :)