Between Them

I never did this before... so this is a first try to write down what moves me at the moment...

I have a girlfriend who is really wonderful and whom I really love - at least most of the time. I'm Borderline and I'm having a lot of problems being faithful. And even before I got together with my girlfriend I got to know a man whom I right away liked. That was almost a year ago and now since I'm together with my girlfriend he's started liking me back. So I'm in crisis now having to decide between the two of them. I don't want to hurt either but I neither want to lose either of them. My girlfriend knows about him and isn't amused by all that, he doesn't know about her. My parents don't know anything about my girlfriend but only know about him. Sometimes I think it would be easiest to leave her and go to him, cause he's accepted and I wouldn't have problems telling my parents about my significant other. But then I feel that I deeply love her and I know that she's really a treasure cause she understands my major moodswings and accepts them and I don't know whether he would do that as well... My best friend tells me to let him go as he's much older than me and from another country... Right now I just want to see what happens during the next weeks, I know that there will have to be a solution for all this, but I still keep worrying about it all the time...

So ... thanks for the attention.

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Wow it's too bad that she is into you so much and that makes it hard because you'd rather have her as she is and you man as your Prince.<br />
<br />
Good luck!