Like A Dream:')

I am 15 years old and have been with my boyfriend for nearly 7 months, but have known each other and had feelings for allot longer.. He is just amazing! I cant imagin my life without him! He is my soal mate.. my true love! He brings me flowers, literally picks me up when he has missed me:') he never fails to make me smile when im down, he tells me how he feels about me to the extent that i burst into tears:') he just makes my world spin round! and also, he has stuck by me through my trust issues, as i have had bad experiences with relationships in the past, which made me feel like no one can love me, and that I can not have a relationship where its just the two of us in it. It got quite bad at one point, but he stayed with me and helped me through it and helped me get over the bad experiences and look forward to the future! We are now planing our future and i have so much trust in him its un real! i never thought i could be loved like this <3
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I'm in the same situation. But pretty soon, he's leaving and we'll be apart for 6 years. By the time he comes home, I'll be in my 20's. There's a 3 year age difference, one reason I never thought we would have a chance. But I love him. And he loves me. Like you, I never thought I could be loved (my past). We're not alone, and it's good to know that true love does exist.