Young And In Love

I am only 13, but I do know what love is, its the feeling mothers get when they look at their newborn baby,holding her, caressing her, it is the feeling seniors get when they look at their partner, acting like first time lovers, and its what I feel when I look at him. Across the class, staring down at his worn out textbook.
This is not a school girl crush,trust me I have had plenty of those, at night I think about him, and for all you pervs out their no, i do not have "wet dreams" or nocturnal emissions as my health teacher likes to say. Today, the second last day of school I decided to tell him, so I walked to my homeroom, determined, and then I heard something that made me stop dead, "Well we are all going to miss you, Danny" said my teacher. I gasped and dropped my binder, which made a loud band as it hit the tiled floor. Oh god , you're so stupid I thought, immediately he is at my side and helping me pick up my pencil case, whose contents have spilled across the floor, he hands me a pencil crayon and our eyes meet , his green ones so full of love and tenderness, and unfortunately not he doesn't kiss me, he just helps me up and smiles, then returns to the room where he sits down. The rest of the period I watch him, my veyes filled, and not with love,but with tears. He's the one that got away
rozyhanna rozyhanna
13-15, F
Jun 27, 2012