Kegan <3

My fiancé, Kegan. The most amazing guy in my life. My rock, my heart, my soul, my life.. I don't know what I'd do without him. We've been dating since October 9, 2009. So sophomore year. Having our daughter, Bella and her cancer brought us closer together. He was so supportive and we were there for each other the whole way. I am truly in love.

Watching him and my daughter together absolutely melts my heart. He spoils her to death and that's his little girl. He gets over protective over her, even if a little boy at church or at the park tries to flirt he's like no boys for you yet Miss Bella. It's cute how they watch movies together, like today.. They went to a daddy-daughter thing at the park, came home and put in Transformers and in the first 10 minutes they both were out. He's a great dad and I'm so glad I could at least give Bella a good dad.

Kegan and I are also engaged, we're getting married August 10, 2012. It's been a lot of planning and craziness but, I cannot wait to be his life. The little Hancock Family, nice ring to it right? I love kegan with all my heart, he's my first love and always and forever. If I cheated on him or he cheated on me, gosh we have so much love it's hard to see us doing that to each other. Of course we fight, but what couple doesn't? I almost ended up smacking him once but he stopped me and held me in his arms and that's the guy a girl deserves. He treats me like a real man should. I love him with all my heart, forever and always! Love my Keg! <3
EmKeganBella18 EmKeganBella18
18-21, F
Jul 6, 2012