My Heart Story

So this is my first story on experience project, not a big fan of exposing my feelings. I find it hard enough doing so with those close to me yet alone random, anonymous people sitting in front of brightly lit computer screens. But it would only be fitting that my first story on this site be dedicated to the only person able to make me emotionally vulnerable.
I met her in high school, I owe it all to the worldwide web for that because it was random and spontaneous; the simple click of the add contact button would change my world. I would be a twilight type of fool to say our first conversation was sparks and fireworks but it was very much unique to say the least. A flurry of simple emoticons and continuous questions. As months passed, a friendship blossomed. But what makes this story intriguing was not how we met but how we grew. During that time in my life, I was struggling with changes to say the least. My father had abandon our family for another without any notice, I guessed he followed too sharply in the steps of his favorite actor Brad Pitt. Nevertheless, I was battling many conflicts, mainly being the fear that I was becoming like him. I developed a hobby of cheating on girlfriends, always justifying it with " Oh, I'm young, it's a part of the age." As our friendship grew I began to develop a sort of admiration and respect for her. She was the embodiment of a smart, headstrong girl; young yet mature. This eventually led to me asking her out in a brightly painted coffee shop, which I must say did not help in shading my nervously sweaty palms and face. She said Yes.... Oh, how happy I was. I think it was then that I evolved from a child in my mind, I vowed to never have her experience the pain of my promiscuous "dark passenger." Yes, dark passenger, I tend to watch a lot of Dexter.
The relationship started like many others with a rush of infatuation and rosy feelings. But like most unready objects it would soon falter. What surprised me the most however, was that it was not by my hands. She broke up with me with the reason being that we were moving to fast. Even now I find it a ****** reason but yet I harbor no regret. With the temporary death of our relationship so would our friendship soon whiter but that was primarily my fault. I was angry at the moment and emotionally crippled.
Life went on for a year, I went into small relationships and fell out of them. This continued until our first conversation since the break up. It was awkward to say the least. Filled with the thick air of uncertainty on what to say. Our friendship soon rekindled but this time it went to even different heights. We became best friends who held a high level of respect and care for each other. It didn't surprise me that I would be the one to develop feelings for her again. This time however, it would become a battle for her. During the time apart she had develop some deep yet shallow feelings for a insignificant male. By, now you probably notice the change of tone, the reason for this is because despite her admiration of him, he treated her like some sort of second class rugrat. But his inability to act on her would be my own victory. Whether it was my never ending persistence or her own realization she soon realized that I was the one she wanted. I remember telling her one night that I will get her no matter what, and in time she will realize she likes me. She replied, "But I do," These words remain a banner of light in my mind even now.
Forward two years, We're in love. But not that overplayed version of love that is depicted wildly in the movies. A love composed of several components, the first being we love each other like best friends do. This best friend type of love is stemmed from pure respect and care. The second component is a sisterly- brotherly love. This entails a genuine level of protectiveness to the other, something that cannot be bought on ebay or amazon. The last component being a pure, irrevocable, unconditional love that is share between a wife and man on their wedding day. I love her with every atom in my body and her actions and words shows that she feels the same.

True love does exist even in our bleak days, where images of infidelities between popular stars are covered almost every day on CNN and NBC. However, it is much harder to find, it requires a willing form of dedication and heart. I am not sure how many of you will read this, and how many of you have read to this point. But I wish you the best of luck in finding this love because it is a good love and a much better feeling.

Dedicated to -DMAF
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Wow that is really sweet :) She is very lucky. Wish you both the best

Thank you magzdee :)