For Crazeygirl - "tonight"

As I sit here in the depths of the night I can only remembe what my life used to be,
A constant dark struggle to find one flicker of light to illuminate my way,
As I turn to my left I watch her sound asleep,
To find only what I can call the unblemished image of the most beautiful thing these tired eyes have ever seen,
My breathes become deep as the beating of my heart quickens,
I am transformed from a man into a vulnerable child just from the sight of her,
A soul once lost in the pages of a terribly sad novel called my life,
Suddenly walking the path that seems to be the one destined all along,
Yet this time I am not walking alone as I was so once used to doing before,
This time not alone but hand in hand with the woman i love or dare I utter the word angel,
For although she does not know it,
This is exactly what she is to me,
Rescuing me from a shallow grave,
Bringing me into the light and allowing me to feel the sun on my face again,
My world was once so muttled,
I was living one dreary day after another as if I only saw in black and white,
When our lips met for the first time all the colors of the world began to fill the frame,
I can't help to watch her sleep,
Her delicate hands fit so perfectly in my scarred clumsy paws,
Her lips seem as though they were made for mine,
With every sleeping breath she takes I thank the lord she is mine,
Yet with all her physical beauty nothing compares to her soul,
From the moment I looked into her eyes I saw the beauty of creation,
I stared into those windows and got lost in her heart,
For there I found my slavation,
These words I write tonight could never do her justice,
Nor could the moon or the most amazing sunset,
For I have found all the beauty I will ever need in her eyes,
One glance at her eyes, one look at her smile, or one sound of her voice is all the confirmation I will ever need of heaven,
In her eyes I can see my future,
In her arms I have found my home,
So tonight I know im blessed,
For tongiht I know I am a better man just for having known her.......

Baby im writing this for you and I know you'll see it....Getting on that train has been the greatest thing I've ever done...and maybe we are crazy but I'm crazy in love with you and I think crazy is just our style....I'll always be by your make me want to be a better man...I love you with all that I am and I know I'm far from perfect but I promise to always try!...Nothing is easy I have faith in you....hope you read this at work and hurry home to me ...

Love Always Joecas46

joecas46 joecas46
31-35, M
Aug 3, 2012