Love Of My Life

one night, just over 2 years ago,i went to the bar as usual, alone and just wanting an escape, and i met this guy. he was really nice but he was with another girl so i didn't talk to him and ended up hanging out with a friend i had known for a while and going home with i forgot about the guy...

2 days later, i was checking my account on Myspace (yes, i'm a myspacer) and i saw a message and friend request from someone who looked vaguely familiar. it was the guy i had seen at the bar. i accepted him and over the next few days we started messaging each other on myspace. he seemed really nice, and eventually we gave each other screen names and such and started to talk to each other every day.

after about 3 months of this, we agreed to meet on St. Patrick's day at another local bar where i used to go. he lived in a town about 60 miles away, but made the trip anyways...and when he walked into the bar, all i could think was how cute he was (his myspace pictures didnt look at all like him in person) we talked for a while and ended up kissing before the end of the night...

since then, we have been inseperable, we live together in my hometown and are planning on getting engaged as soon as he finishes school this spring.

yes, it's kind of a weird story, but i don't care. i met the love of my life thanks to .




quietrocket quietrocket
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1 Response Dec 17, 2006

thats a great story!! good for you guys. it doesnt matter how anyone meets as long as no one gets hurt and you've found your soul mate. i met my current boyfriend on a chat line. ya that's right a chat line lol and we've been together 10 months and he's the best ever!!