This is such a cliche topic. I don't know if that is the right word... It has been reviewed so many times by people with much more talent than I could ever hope to have. But still... There is something about love that makes you want to yell, to shout, to announce this feeling. I've found this person who is so special, so unbelievable perfect for me that I am blow away. Indescribable. My heart feel so BIG when I think about him. It's ridiculous. I love the way he smells. His skin is soft, like a girl. lol. When he is sleeping I touch his hair I look at him and I feel so lucky. I know when he is concentrating. His body tenses. His eyebrows clenched in a frown. So uncharacteristic. Where I am fire he is water. Where I am anger he is calm. I want to be surrounded by him. Where he is I find protection and acceptance. And I am so grateful. Luck, pure luck to stumble upon this person who is so extraordinary.
annadams annadams
Aug 6, 2012