Can't Tell Her That I Love Her

I fall in love with this simple girl.. I can't tell her what my feelings towards her and I really don't know how to start courting her.. everytime i saw her, I ran out of words to say.. I've been to many relationships before, but I don't know why i'm speechless to her.. Is this what they call real love??
maxtorvz maxtorvz
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

You are head over heels in love my friend. How does she feel about you? Have her actions dictate the same. Does she light-up when she sees you and is giddy as a “school girl”? Telling her that you love her right off the bat is not the easiest thing to do; but showing her in various cute & adorable ways may make the transition from actions to words much easier by providing you the confidence you need to tell her. Try putting your feelings into words on paper in a letter format or create a CD of songs that expresses how you feel about her (for there is always a message within the music). Putting pencil to paper is usually much easier to get your thoughts in order and to get what you really feel 'out into the open' so to speak. After you have written it, read it to her - but do not focus solely on the paper - look at her straight into her eyes when you read the words off the page. For in a short while, the words may begin to flow naturally that you may not need that sheet of paper. Find a quiet location or a low noise environment where you both are comfortable (keep out the bedroom please!) where you can share these feelings with her. Take a walk in the park, sit down at a café or chat over a light dinner – do this in person, not over the phone, or by email and definitely not by text! All the best...

thanks....i should try that idea....thank you so much,,,,