The Best Man In The Whole World

I truly have the most good-hearted man in the world.  He may not always be able to do everything for everyone that he wants to, but he tries.  If there were ever anyone I'd say had the best intentions, it would be him.

And that's why I love him...because he tries.  He doesn't always succeed, but that doesn't matter, because IT IS the thought that counts.  Every day he reminds me of how much I love him, by the little things that he always remembering my favorite drink, and getting it for me when he goes to the store.

He makes me happy...just by being himself...and I guess that's the most important part.

tyzlilirish tyzlilirish
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 20, 2006

I agree that trying is the most important part, it means that he is willing to work for what he wants. And the sweet things like picking up your favorite drink for you can be the most sincere forms of affection, because its so unpretentious.