And That's How I Fell In Love...

I didn't mean to fall in love. Actually, I was out to do the exact opposite. I wanted to stay as far away from love as possible. I had just gotten out of a long relationship and I needed a break. I was emotionally exhausted.
It was the summer before my senior year of high school when I started falling for Noah. Noah was two years younger than me. He had curly brown hair and sparkling green eyes that were framed with thick eyelashes. He and I were really good friends and spent a lot of time together, but I never thought I would fall for him.
I realized that I had fallen for him when I was at a friends house and she noted the fact that I constantly texted him. I stopped for a moment and it occurred to me that I was because he made me feel special and wanted. I shook my head. No. I wouldn't go there with him. He was too good of a friend and if something bad happened between us I would lose him. And I was going to be a senior while he was only a sophomore. When I left for college we would have to go through the whole long distance thing and I just didn't want to deal with it.
One day he sent me a cute little text message that had me smiling like an idiot when I made a decision that changed everything. I was going to tell him. It seemed unavoidable considering how hard I had fallen. I decided it was better than not knowing and promised myself I would tell him that night.
Apparently Noah and I were on the same thought process because that night he admitted he had feelings for me. I had never been happier.
And that is how I fell in love.
kaylajean95 kaylajean95
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012