Be Mine

The grass grows in spring
The sun sets and rises day and night
The leaves drop in the fall
When I'm with you I'm alright
The snowflakes fall in winter
Id give you everything, id give you my all
The birds fly in the summer
But birds are just birds, your a dove
Beautiful and prescious
Your eyes make my day, your hand warms mine
Your my love.
iamj iamj
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

when snow blowing in the winter
when leafs flying in the fall
when tears dropping like a stream
when heart beating a torned soul

i am crying in the wind
screaming in the cold
where is my sweetie,
pls, come back to me

Your poem is really nice, and also feel that way somtimes to but things get better (:

wow! so beautiful