Doing What Makes Me Happy

I just recently got in a relationship after being single for 3 years. Everything is going great, and I am truly in love. I cant get enough of him and we have a great time everytime we are together. Well the problem is that we live in a small city and a lot of us lived in the same neighborhood or went to the same highschool. My kids father and my boyfriend were friends in highschool, but have since drifted apart. We graduated 8 years ago and me and my kids dad have been broken up for 3 years.Me and my boyfriend have been talking for over a year but just became a couple and he and my kids dad haven't hung out the whole time. So my birthday just passed and I posted picture of my dinner which included a picture of me and him on facebook and instagram, well needless to say some people are shocked. Most are happy and and some are upset and confused as to why me and him would date saying that I am sleeping with my kids dad friend. We had talked about this and we knew that it was going to cause some conflict but i still put the pic up because I was tired of it being a secret I guess. We both feel that we did nothing wrong and are going to stay together. What do you think?
miyahrimom12 miyahrimom12
Dec 13, 2012