Just Not Attracted

This guy and i have been getting quite close and although he has the perfect personality, he lacks very much in the looks. I know i sound shallow right now but it's true that you gotta be with someone you find yourself somewhat attracted to. In the past i have loved not very attractive guys but in my eyes the person was beautiful. With him in person i wonder if i would ever want to kiss him. When i speak to him online i feel like i would cuddle with him and kiss his lips and be all lovey dovey but in person its like uhhhhh.

I've been involved with a very good looking guy lately and we talk and are special friends, he tells me to give up on the guy (because hes taking his time and the fact that hes very religious) and just to remain doing stuff with himself instead. i enjoy being a bit young and stupid with him but im a hopeless romantic and i want someone to love. The whole reason i got caught up in that stuff was to get myself over the heartbreak torment i was experiencing. Now that i've done that stuff i wanna do it more with him but ya know more lovingly but i just dont want to when i see him in person. I feel so horrid for saying it but its the truth. I am not attracted to him in any way and that is a bit scary.
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

that is your personal choice whom you choose as a boyfriend....

but one thing, i can say for sure, no one in this world is perfect..... I have seen few couples (including myself) where one of them is very beautiful,almost stunning, /handsome and they started their relationship some of them got in marriage and soon they realize it is not working the way they wanted it to be............ Anyway at the end, this is only my experience.