... But Sadly Still Single

Ok so here's my story;
I broke up with my first GF in April, soon my feelings for her slowly faded away. In July, on the way back from a school trip, on the coach. I was in a bit of a bad mood, I saw the girl at the front of the coach, she kept turning round and talking to other people. I've known her since I started high school, I've been friends with her (if i see her i might say hello, but i dont talk to her every day) but not really close. Anyway, I couldn't stop staring at her I just kept thinking "wow she is so beautiful" I think after that my feelings for her developed. I told one person, then another and now LOADS of people know I like her. To be honest I don't really care much now. Even the girl I like knows. Her name is Demi and now I speak to her every day, I chat to her loads on Facebook and I love her. I'm not sure whether she likes me, I don't think she does, I've seen the way she acts around some guys, and she seems more chatty than when she's with me. Sometimes when I see her speak to this guy I get a bit 'saddened' thinking "she doesn't like me" but I'm not 100% on this I think she may like me. She definitely likes me as a mate, she's told me she likes the fact that she can trust me and tell me anything, I think this shows we're pretty close, recently she was going through some tough times and I was talking to her about how I'll always be her for her, she said she'd be lost without me and she thanked me for everything. Recently I got her a Christmas present (not much, a card and a little thing of chocolate) and she was like "awwww awww omg that's sooooooo cute of her thank you so much" this may mean that she may not like me as the thinks its "cute", I don't know, there's just something about it that makes it sound weird. Anyway I like her a lot, I like to hear about how she feels and what she's up to and all that. I'd really like to go out with her but I don't know her feelings for me, I used to think it wasn't the most realistic of things but now I think it's quite likely, it feels like my life has more meaning somehow because I love her and that. Maybe because I don't know whether she likes me and I want to find that out, but what I worry about is that if I find out, and the answer is bad, it seems like game over. Nevertheless, I'm not thinking about that, I'm living life in the present

Thanks a lot for reading
Gh98efc Gh98efc
13-15, M
Dec 15, 2012