Love Is All You Need

In the wise words of Ewan McGregor:

Love is a many splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love.

Hello, my name is Dave and I am quite in love.

I first met Samantha only about 6 or so months ago and we've been together for 3. Yes I can hear you say that 'But you've only been with her for 3 months, how can you possibly be in love so quick?' Well I am quite aware we have only been together for a short time, but love knows no boundaries and I have found it.

Sam is the sister of one of my good friends Kieran, and yes I have crossed that forbidden boundary of the friend's sister, but yet again, love knows no boundaries. I got to know her basically through Kieran and from hanging out at his house where he lives with my best friend Dave (that's right, Dave and Dave best friends, interesting isn't it?) Now I suppose first I should tell you a bit of background info:

I am 19 years young and work in Real Estate as a property manager. I (possibly a bad decision financial wise, but meh) recently acquired a house (actually I bought it 2 days after Sam and I started dating) it is called Eden and it is a fine place. I live there with my cousin Sam (confusing yet? all these Sam's and Dave's?) and my other friend Liz who both rent rooms from me. Sam is 17 and is currently finishing year 12 (that's right, not only am I dating one of my best friend's sisters, but she is also a school girl still, naughty me, oh well) and wishes to become a teacher once she graduates (and she'll do it too, damn she's a smart girl).

Anyway, when I'd go around to hang with Dave and Kieran she'd usually be there and quite a lot of times she would end up hanging with us and having a good chat (she's a hell of a lot smarter than most people her age and can actually hold a decent discussion) so I got to know her reasonably well just from her spending time with us and talking. (also apparently all my friends reckoned they could see something going on between the two of us, apparently is was pretty obvious that we both liked each other but I'm terrible with gauging whether someone likes me so I had no idea) I liked her a fair bit, but didn't really expect anything to happen between us; one because of her age, and two because she was Kieran's sister.

But how all good relationships begin, the main intiator was our good friend, alcohol. Kieran, Dave, and Sam were having a few drinks at their place with Liz and invited me around to join in the festivities so I went on down to the bottleo and bought me my poison and over I went. They'd already been going for a couple of hours or so, so I had some catching up to do and Sam was decently sloshed by the time I'd arrived. It all started out quite innocent, we decided that Sam should eat something because she'd been drinking and hadn't eaten all day and Sam was having some difficulties keeping herself upright. So I was sitting next to her with my arm around her trying to keep her from falling off the chair while Kieran whipped her up a quick meal. I ended up half feeding her because she was a bit to drink to do it without dropping food anywhere and trying to get some water into her as well.

After that she's sobered up somewhat and we went back into Kieran's room to continue on with the night. The interesting thing was however when we went back in we just automatically sat next to each other and I continued with having my arm around her. We spent the rest of night alternating between talking with the other guys and then having our own little conversations getting to know each other a bit better and then eventually it happened . . . we kissed! To this day we're not exactly sure who made the first move, not that it matters, I think the mystery makes it a lot more interesting.

I ended up staying over that night and ended up sleeping in Sam's bed with her (just sleeping mind you, get your mind out of the gutter!) and the next morning I ask her out. (after much difficulty however, I think it took me a good half hour to force the words from my mouth. I am quite fine talking to women, I have pretty decent conversation skills, but when it comes to someone actually like I turn into a stammering idiot) but eventually I managed and she said yes.

So now we have been together for 3 months (3 months as of yesterday exactly as a matter of fact) and it has been absolutely fantastic. It is the best relationship I have ever had and just keeps getting better. We've even discussed long term plans for us and everything, it is quite full on. We recently went on a holiday together to visit my parents who live out of state (a 14 hour drive to get there and another 14 hours back) it was a great drive for one thing, about 28 hours total just to talk, it was very good and the holiday itself was wonderful, we had so much fun we didn't want to come back.

But yes, it has been wonderful so far and it still continuing, hopefully (I believe so) I may have even found to one, who knows I'll let you know.

Cheers to Love!
Deyve Deyve
18-21, M
2 Responses Jul 9, 2006

Good luck

I really hope she is "the one" - you wrote this a while ago so I'm wondering if you are still so in love. I married my husband after 6months - I think somehow you really do know when you've found your soulmate :)