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What Makes Her Special

Ahhhh there are so many things making my girl special... The way she looks at me like noone ever looked at me before... The way she says my name with her fascinating voice... The she needs to hear me every day... The way her hair flips when she turns around... The way she makes me feel... never lonely or sad... The way she understands me better than anyone... The way she talks with passion about food/videos/movies/games... The amazing way she looks... oh gosh she is super gorgeous even when she wakes up at 2am... or even when she is ill... The way she laughs... The way she looks when she is concentrated in playing a game or reading something... The way she cares about me... The way she wanna make everyone happy... These things are just a  very very small part of what makes her special... Im really happy i found my soulmate... She is the love of my life and i wanna spend my last days with her... I Love You <3
naikeca naikeca 18-21, M Dec 31, 2012

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