I was feeling moody and sad because of this stupid birth control that I'm gonna stop taking and I was crying and shaking, now if you've read any stories of mine you'll know my naikeca is my long distance boyfriend and I decided I needed to hear his voice to calm me down so I called his phone and even though he's 8 hours away, stayed up with me all night and is just getting to bed at 5 am he answers me he tells me in his sweet beautiful sleeping voice "don't cry sweet pea, you're a strong girl, please don't cry I love you ill be there soon," even though he's not physically here until the summer I can feel his love! That's what I feel his passion for me, his understanding of me after us sharing a friendship bond over 4 years long, his willingness to care for me no matter the distance, no matter what. I just wanted to share this here because it really touched my heart and I'm sure you'd think wow how crazy she writes only of him blah blah he's so far blah blah well damn right! Yes I know that but our relationship will be strong when we touch we have survived much we are very strong together and not easily torn apart so yes you bet your *** I'm in love!! (Excuse my language sorry if it offends I mean no harm just expressing myself ^_^)
Kiundrammhmm Kiundrammhmm
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013