I Was Scared I Didnt Know It Was Love.

My story is kind of the Cinderella type but thing is it didn’t end up like Cinderella,
I got to know this guy in a very weird way, through friends who dared me to make a call four years ago from this date and have this guy fall for me.... I fink I did however I lost him when I finally realised this could be someone I want to be with.
Anyway am more like a small town girl who just commenced freshman year at Uni, this so called friends of mine were the high society drama queens who got what they want when they want because they could. And this GUY was a fully fledge glorified driver, they still cannot believe I won this guy over.
I probably lied my way to wining him over but I never lied about what I felt, and to me that what matters, anyway when I realised he was the only thought in my mind when my mind is free, the only voice I want to hear when I awake and before I go to sleep at night. It must’ve been LOVE????
By the time he walked out even before I could tell him anything or even say good bye, I was so scared of social embarrassment and rejection because he was outta my league I was a student and he was........ And I was a simple girl, a student I would never had made his top 100 list of potential dates, I was soooooooooooo scared I said nothing and I let him leave.
The girls who put me up for this DARE made sure that I would never get to him, they made me feel less than a person because of my social status I came from an average wage earning family and that i did housekeeping work after school.... they threaten to shame me, and worst of all constantly reminded me that he was WAY TOO GOOD FOR ME and that I was wasting my time.
I was young and naive I didn’t know what to do? My family never warned about this....... I was scared of what people would say if they found out, i didn’t want to be labelled a gold digger etc... i was a coward i couldn’t do it, the poor guy waited and eventually moved on with his life.
I mean i can’t blame him; i just beat myself over everyday wishing I had never known him. If there is a potion or elixir they could erase all memories of him i would consume it , because the thought is unbearable.

I was soooooooooooo scared then I didn’t know it was love.


sweetneshi sweetneshi
22-25, F
Jan 16, 2013