My Girlfriend

Oh my girlfriend is amazing! I don't know if she wants me to say her name on here to tell everyone so I won't. But if you are reading this love you know who you are! You are the best girlfriend! You make me so happy! Forget that time where we had a little fight lets start over no need to remember it. It over our past and now its the past so lets move on! I keep falling deeper and deeper in love with you everyday! Oh how I wish you lived here so I can hug you and kiss you ans just feel you. I just want to feel you! I will live for home much I love you so much! If your reading this comment if you want to let people know who you are if you don't message me what your thinking if you want. Other wise I will talk to you later love! I love you!
sexygirl1536 sexygirl1536
22-25, F
Jan 20, 2013