I Didn't Think It Was Possible

  But, it happened, even after I told myself never again would I allow a man to take my heart. I guarded it with utmost  care. Even after a night of sweet conversation I told my self no. That it would just lead to hurt and pain. I had had enough of that to last me a life time. But, it didn't work out that way and the more I tried the more I fell. He wasn't like any of the others. He was kind and caring. Putting others first before himself. Which was a big plus in my book. Before I knew it he had taken my heart and replaced it with his. He excepted me for who I was and didn't try and change me. We have been together now for six years and love every day that I wake up to him, I thank God that he is there for me. Giving me anther day to have such a wonderful love,so deep and fulfilling

I couldn't imagine life with out him. He is my best friend, lover and soul mate.

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Now no wonder this is the experience of the day💕

I am really happy for you! A lot of people take good and stable relationships for granted, they don't feel or appreciate the good anymore but you do! I hope you always be happy

I am happy for you....:-)


8 months ago, a psychic friend held my hand and he told me that he was coming. By the end of the year I would find the most for filling of loves and my heart would no longer weep.<br />
I live in a remote outback town with a population of 22 people. The prospect of finding love out here isn't overly flash.<br />
December rolled around and I remembered what I was told. He would be in my life by the end of the year. I must admit that I felt like a good friend whom I trust, gave me a glimmer of hope just to put a smile on a loveless face. Not such a bad thing.<br />
On the 22nd of December, I met a wonderful man. Who would have thought a trip to the neighboring town for toilet roll and a tub of margarine would have yielded such great prospects.<br />
He drives for an hour everyday with a bunch of Snap Dragons and no expectations to my town to spend time with me. And the sweetest thing is, he kisses me on the cheek and drives home again expecting nothing in return.<br />
Today he came with a picnic lunch and we went down to the creek together. <br />
I know it has been only a week. But I must admit that a have been swept off my feet.<br />
Is the prediction my friend told me coming true? I am looking forward to sharing the good news with my friend. Although he should already know.

Lol ok ok youre blessed.

Thank all for your comments, we are still going strong and loving each and every new day that comes our way.

Thank you for sharing this, this gives me hope that someday I'll find someone :)

I can relate as I've been in a very loving relationship for well over eleven years now.

im happy for you. I hope i can find one too.

I hope i find mine.:)<br />
<br />

Thank-you Ronald

The time will come when it is right.

Awwwww Sweetz!<br />
I wish I was in love again.<br />
I almost could have wrote the first couple lines of your story...I<br />
Congrats !!!

Second time around for my wife and I too and life is just great. We've been together for 16 years now and it just keeps getting better. It's good to know there are other happy couples out there in EP land!<br />
<br />
There is hope for everyone.

It has been a wonderful eight years and there is nothing but wonderful times ahead. It is well worth the chance . I am so glad i took it. He is a great man and I am truly and ,madly in love with him. I wouldn't want it any other way.

We met at his front door. I was there to pick my girls up, they were there visiting with their new friend, his daughter. i'll have to share a story about it.

i needed to hear that they are out there... somewhere... where did you meet?

That's a good one DK... you sure do have a way with words. Thank-you for your words of wisdom.

So true.<br />
<br />
It reminds me of a parable of the man who lost his keys. He missed out on some very important things in life because without his keys he couldn't get to them. He also missed out on business, family and personal things all the while he searched. And he did search, he looked everywhere. He looked up high, down low, and behind everything. Life was passing him by and he was miserable looking for his keys. The highlights of his life were the shining things he would see and run too thinking they were his keys, but always it was the wrong key, or something else completely.<br />
<br />
It wasn't until he gave up and said, "To hell with this! I'm done wasting my life searching for my keys, and always ending up with one that just don't turn anything on."<br />
<br />
He decided he would just walk and make the most out of who he was and what he had. Instead of depending on his car, he would be dependent only to himself. And so, he put on his jacket and walked out the door, eager to once again enjoy life without needing anything other than himself. He felt good as he walked down his driveway; he started whistling as he slipped his hands into his jacket pockets, and there, to his surprise, were his keys...

It's when we decide to stop looking when true love finds us. I believe there is the right woman for the right man. It's the choices in life that make it hard to find that right person.

Wow..me and my girlfriend were just talking about this. She was saying I am never doing this again. She had wasted so many years again, and the relationship was over. I tried to get her to understand what is meant for her is hers and God will give her the desire's of her heart if she would tell him exactly what she wants and let him DO IT and stop running ahead of him. That was an awesome story and it just reassures me that true love is available to us all if we believe. Sometimes we have to let go and LET GOD!

Thank-you all for your wonderful comments. :~)

im happy for u....<br />
gives the rest of us hope...<br />
<br />

these kind of life stories bring happiness to my life. unfortunately, is too late for me, but i hope my kids (when i`ll have them) will find what you have now. enjoy!

i totally feel the same way, it was hard not toblame him for what the last idiot didn but I'm so happy I put those feeings aside tobe blessed with my best friend and soul mate

Love so good it hurts, thats what you got! Good for you. I'm not going to wish you luck, you don't need it.

So glad there is real true love out there.that means hope for us all.

Beautiful. :)

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.<br />
<br />
It seems you have discovered true love and I am sincerely happy for you.

It happened to me, too. I had told myself, no more serious relationships and then boom, she's at the door and I'm handing her my heart... Yep, that was me, I had my little puppy in one had and my heart in the other. What was I going to do, hand over my puppy... I think this worked much better!

Thank-you Willo, I know that I am a very lucky person to have such a wonderful man. He makes my life complete.