I Didn't Think It Was Possible

  But, it happened, even after I told myself never again would I allow a man to take my heart. I guarded it with utmost  care. Even after a night of sweet conversation I told my self no. That it would just lead to hurt and pain. I had had enough of that to last me a life time. But, it didn't work out that way and the more I tried the more I fell. He wasn't like any of the others. He was kind and caring. Putting others first before himself. Which was a big plus in my book. Before I knew it he had taken my heart and replaced it with his. He excepted me for who I was and didn't try and change me. We have been together now for six years and love every day that I wake up to him, I thank God that he is there for me. Giving me anther day to have such a wonderful love,so deep and fulfilling

I couldn't imagine life with out him. He is my best friend, lover and soul mate.

tjsgirl tjsgirl
46-50, F
31 Responses Aug 25, 2008

Thank-you Willo, I know that I am a very lucky person to have such a wonderful man. He makes my life complete.