I Am Soo In Love :-)

It HAS to be love.

Chris and i have known eachother since fourth grade in elementary school, and though we never really talked we knew OF eachother. After high school i started dating this guy, Matt. Matt seemed like a sweetheart and had (i thought) a great group of guy friends. Because i was with Matt, i was included in many of the group's activities. (Matt was best friends with Mark, who is dating my best friend) Chris was also apart of this group, and we always had a somewhat flirtatious, but not overly so, kind of aquaintance/friendship. Matt and i had a rough and completely false relationship of two months. Matt was my first boyfriend, and because of this label i felt i had to make the relationship perfect, despite not even really being attracted to him. While i was with Matt i lost a good friend of mine suddenly to a heart attack and was very upset. Instead of being there for me, Matt broke up with me two days later, two days before christmas. Sweetheart, right? He wanted me back though, and we went out again for another two weeks, before i broke up with him. I FINALLY realized how fake and stupid the whole thing was.

Fast forward about 4 or 5 months, i was still a big part of this group of friends, as i had made friends with the guys as well. Matt resented me for still being around, but all the guys in the group wanted me to stick around. Chris (who was friends with matt but not very close with him) and i decided to hang out once when the group was busy. I ended up picking him up and we went driving, which is one of our favorite things to do. We talked and got to know eachother, and had a good time. When i got home that night Chris texted me "Can i ask you something? is this all innocent or do you like me a litle bit?" and i, to be honest had a maybe tiny crush on him, but wasnt sure. so i said "im not sure, i think its innocent friendly thing though" and he said he was just wondering, because he didnt think he was attracted to me and just wanted to be clear. ouch kinda. hahaha.

about a month later we ended up going on another drive, and he got to know me VERY well. I was more open with him than id ever be with someone that wasnt my best friend or related to me. After that i said it was my turn to learn more about him, so the next night we drove again. Getting to know eachother turned in to hanging out everynight until about 4 in the morning. Suddenly we couldnt get enough time together. Our first kiss was on one of those drives overlooking the city one night, and he asked me out.

I really have never felt this way about someone before, and i think i'm head over heels. We've been together over 4 months now, and can't go a day without seeing eachother. I love him :-)


As far as Matt goes, he hates us. He was looking for anything to hate me for, and found a reason when me and chris got together. I'm the kind of person that usually someone hating me would freak me out and i'd try to fix things. However, I am the most happy i've ever been, and i dont think i'd change a thing :-)

LoverLoo LoverLoo
18-21, F
Sep 6, 2008