after all the heart breaks all the pain all the tears,im in love,i never thought i would find love becuz all my relationships all went to crap and every guys treated me the same like i was only good for one thing.i gave up on love,then soemone walked back in my life and old crush.i liked him a couple years ago,i was a sophmore he was a junior then he first caught my eye cuz i thought he was very attractive,i told my friend i was interested in him and it just so happened that she was friends with him.she told him i had a crush on him,even though i told her not to lol.and out of nowhere he just talked to me one day,he was so different from other guys,he was so intelligent,and a gentlemen.he respected me,i didnt know guys like that existed anymore.he was sonice to me,he never tried pressuring me in to anything he said all the right things.stupidly i pushed him away because i was getting involved with another guy,i pushed him away so much that we stopped talking he tried talking to me all i did was avoid him.then i left that school on my choice nd transfeerd to a different one.the guy i was pushing him away for wasnt nothing compared to him.he was a jerk,and he trested me like crap.but still i pushed the good guy away.and i dodnt talk to him for two years" the good guy" ive been talking about,and those two years i just cut the other jerk out of my life,and was just wondering why it is i avoided the good one.i thought about him alot he still went to the same school,but i didnt have the courage to try and start things up again,i thougth he would be mad and want nothing to do with me after the way i treated him.he was the one guy who really was different,i lived with that regret for two years.then my brothers graduation was coming up,i knew he was friends with my bro cuz they played football together he was also friends with my cousin who was graduating.so i thought for sure id see him there,i prayed i would.after the ceremony of graduation everyone was outside taking pictures and saying goodbye,i was looking for him but didnt find him,so we were leaving,i was dissapointed.then right as i was walking to my car,there he was.i stopped and looked at him he looked at me and smiled,and gave me a hug,we talked for a lil bit and he gave me his number.then when i got in my car i realized...what are the chances of that..if i woulda went the other way or stayed just 1 minute longer i wouldnt have crossed paths with him i wouldnt have ran into him...that has fate written all over it...at that exact moment we saw each other...it was amazing and i wasnt gonan let him go again,i called him the next day we caught up,then he asked me if i wanted to go hang out.i said yes,that nite was perfect,we walked down by the river it was like midigght we walked on the beach and we sat down and just was lookin at all the city lights,it seemed like sumthing from a movie,everything was perfect.i knew at that moment i was gonna fall in love with him.and i have,i fell so happy.happiset ive ever been,everything abpout him i love,hes so gentle,smart,respectful.and everything i want.i thank god he let me know how beautiful love can be.if i had to go thru all those jerks ive dated before all the heartbreaks all the crying just to get to him,id do it all over again without hesitating.it really is true when they say you have to go thru a few bad ones to get the good one.and all that pain was totally woth it.<3
bballroxmysox17 bballroxmysox17
18-21, F
Jun 9, 2007