Puupy Love To True Love

Well where to begin....I met mark about 8 years ago..Im 23 so that puts me at 15..he was 18. My best friend was good friends w/his best friend and they thought we should all hang out..so i agreed. Mark and I considered ourselves b/f and g/f right off the date was june 29. We became very close, infact I was marks first. LOL..thinking of that now makes me laugh. But anyway back to the story. We told each other "I love you" pretty much right off. eventually we wound up moving in with eachother and things were going great, until one day i decided i needed to see what else was out there. I broke up w/mark and told him i needed my space. Shortly afterwards a guy named Craig sent me flowers and convinced me to go on a date w/him so i did. We ended up becoming an item and i know it killed mark to see that. Well anyway Craig got me into cocain pretty badly. I was partying all the time w/all of our friends and it was pretty bad. Well one day before going to a party i went to a bar that my mom was running. Mark was sitting there at the bar and all of my feelings for him came rushing back, he was very much intoxicated and was planning on driving home...so i offered him a ride and he agreed to it. while we were driving my friends called me to see when i was going to show up and i said soon, then i asked mark if he wanted to come to the party w/me and he said sure. Well needless to say we have been together since that night. Mark moved me out of maine down to ohio to clean up and while there i became pregnant w/our first child. We moved back to maine right after finding out i was pregnant and got married a few months later...that was almost 3 years ago now and i have never been happier, he has given me not only my life back but also blessed me w/two beautiful daughters. I love him with all my heart and feel like the luckiest woman alive to have found such a loving man.
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Thats such a wonderful story! I too feel like the luckiest woman, i hope that nothing comes between us.