I am in love, very much in love with you!

I'll say again, you set my soul on fire baby, and the only thing that looks good on me is you.

I love you my darling, my sweetheart, my love, my life!


Floydian Floydian
26-30, M
23 Responses Jan 2, 2009

Thanks guys. I am sure someday someone will tell you AR :)

that's beautiful, I wish a guy would tell me that...

There is no future. Lets end this conve here! :)

hehe thanks you would never want to read this then believe me ;P<br />
<br />
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aww.. mushbucket! :D

I wish u were my man , mine isn't as deeP, DAMMIT! [SORRY LHTS!] lol

Thanks :)

sigh<br />
<br />
how totally sweet.

Thanks a lot! You too, I hope the day is special for you! =)

Beautifull! I wish you love and happiness...for a lifetime :)

Thanks man!<br />
<br />
Yep kshiti I do believe so! But then again the group is meant for that! LOL

dude i guess i miss this post.. anyway, i am very happy for you :)

Thanks moo!!<br />
<br />
I was waiting for a page-break!! :D

Hehe thanks ally...and now I guess that just leaves brwneyed to<br />
<br />
Where are you alligator?? ;P

Oh my, I can't believe I haven't commented this yet! Here goes... to the lovebirds:<br />
<br />
Hold on to each other, never let go. For what you have now is something people want so badly, they'd envy you. I'm so happy for the two of you, it just makes me want to smile. :) All day, non<x>stop smiling. You guys are so cute together. :)

Heheheheh!!!<br />
<br />
Thanks!!! :D

Annnn!!!!! god just made my day!!!! :D

I will only shatter if you are not there....<br />
<br />
With you around, I will be on the top of the world, i feel as if I am the luckiest person around..

Congratulations on finding love. To both you and shine. May you be blessed and may it last forever.

..............<br />
<br />
What I just wrote...i feel shattered!! :(

Well ahem, I ignored you comment on purpose shine, I dont really think Its a good idea to reply in public ;P<br />
<br />
Just know that i love ya .... :D

Hehe mizz thanks!!!<br />
<br />
I also wish you the best!!

Oh floyd - you are great :) I really wish I had anything close to this ... :)