I think I found the angel I've been praying for.

Here's the story...

Previously, love never really worked out for me, always kept failing. Eventually, it became so bad that I hit a major depressive period. I relied on music and faith to keep me sane.

It all started when I had been unemployed for a year, even though I had a vast number of IT qualifications and had the technical skill. My best friend found an opening at his work and suggested me, so the manager said I should send my CV in to them. The interview went well and I got the job. I was happy that I actually had a job.

I started in February of this year (2014) and got along well with everyone. They started hiring again in March, and this girl (Lets call her Amanda) started working there. She'd been working there for a week when I sat down and spoke to her for a few minutes. I wanted to be friends with everyone in the office. After that, we spent a few lunch times (1 hour) just sitting and chatting . The same friend that helped me get the job asked if I like her, I asked if she said something to him and he just said "No, Just notice you guys spent a few lunches together." I was still getting to know her but I did like her abit.

The second part started when she started to look stressed, and that friend suggested I talk to her, so he got her number for me off the lunch schedule (so it didn't look obvious cos he works right there and I work on the other side of the office. I spoke to her and she said it's just tough right now at work etc. We started talking quite frequently and became really close. I grew to really like her.

The next part started when she was lent her dads car for a while. I ride a bike (125 but still awesome). We went places for lunch and just chatted.

Major event came in June when the sales manager (lets just call her Julia) had to work in web office (where I work) to do philippines contracts (for our philippines office who are kinda incapable right now). She came in and asked the manager to check email drafts (she was a trainee sales consultant back then) and I told her a quick joke before she left, which she laughed at. After she left, Julia said "Someone's in love". I quickly asked "How'd you know?" Apparently I was blushing. Then Julia said "And she likes you aswell" "Oh really?", I asked, "and how do you know that?" Then the reply that tipped the scales, "She could've waited for me to go back there, but she came here to ask and she giggles like a girl around you."

July went by, every Friday we went out, whether it was on errands, out for lunch or just out. We started having coffee after work on Fridays. I started having intense feelings and I felt I had to tell her. Even though the last girl I told it to, didn't end well.

I told her and she took it well, quite well, although I didn't think she felt the same.

Another major point was Tuesday 12 August (I remember the day). Amanda and my head of department were both depressed and were talking about it at lunch so I got up and went back to work cos I couldn't stand it. She took it as betrayal. So, I decided to make it right and traveled all the way to where she stays, 55 Kilometers away (34 Miles). But she refused and over IM said she wanted to be alone, and I should go, so I left upset. Riding home at a high speed, suddenly a Mercedes pulls in front of me. I recognized the plate and car, it was her. I stopped where she did and went to her window, she was crying. We sat and just spoke for a few hours. I felt incredible.

And I'm glad to say that a few days ago, She said she loves me too. I'm not surprised, cos if your write "A Steele" in chocolate, you must.

So there, that's how it happened. If you wanna know finer details about anything, feel free to ask me.
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all I can do is sigh

That, was, beautiful...you're lucky

Thanks. I know that. I thank God for her everyday