Its the happiest moment of my life!!! I can't believe it!!!
TheKidInTheCorner TheKidInTheCorner
16-17, M
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What the hell happened ?

U r 13 . What kind of love is that ? Love to play video game ?

I have a girlfriend 馃槀

What do you mean?

I mean u r toooooooo young to get in love . At least a real love

I know what love feels like it feels like this

Duuude . Lucky u then . Wish u to have a gooooooooo000od sexyrelationship withher

Thanks :) do you have anyone?

Better to say i had one . But its about 6 months ago that i had to go abroad for studying . But no problem . 馃槈 i hope she wait for me .

:) i hope you two are very happy together

I have to prove you wrong my mother fell in love with my current step dad at age 13 so haha you're wrong

Look . A kid ( only 13 ) wanna prove sth . Haha

Not neccisarly, sacku

an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.
"he had developed an infatuation with the girl"

What do you mean? :/

pup路py love
an intense but relatively shallow romantic attachment, typically associated with adolescents.

Are you saying we're gonna break up? I would never dream of that!!! If she wants to then as long as she is happy then i am. With or without me. But are you saying you think we're going to break up?

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