In Love At 18

I am in love at 18. He has always been there but I've never realized it. We shared lunches, recreational activities, sports, ext with eachother and never even noticed eachother until he began to work at my work.

It took us nearly 5 months before we became official. It seems like forever when you are a senior in high school. We became best friends and now have been dating for 5 months and are completly in love.

I know it seems horrible to think that I am in love when I haven't even graduated high school but I am. We can literally do anything or say anything in front of eachother and we are comfortable. Never awkward. He is by far my best friend. We spend every waking moment together and never fight. The only fights we have had were over stupid things and only lasted about an hour max.

I know we are in love.

americanteen americanteen
1 Response Mar 11, 2009

Good for you! You can be in love while your still in high school, I know I was. Just be careful, and make sure you give each other room to grow after high school!