So Perfect

we've been together for almost a year now and i know t might not seem like very long, but we are totally in love. we are so perfect together and i know nothing can change how we feel about each other but i wish that all the girls who are so in love with him would just stay the hell away. i really don't even care too much until they start randomly being total ******* to me. i seriously hate them once they start that. and it's so dumb cause it never ends and there is always one of us that's upset about it and really to kill them all. this isn't quite a story but i was just wondering if anyone on here has had to deal with this type of thing? i just want to be able to make it stop.

barbozasbaby barbozasbaby
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 6, 2007

They just want what you have. I doubt they will stop. Just don't hang around them.