A Fight For Love

Ok well im 16 years old and i am in love, my boyfriend 17 and is a hardworking guy sometimes he works 42 hrs a week.he has 2 jobs and is a polite.respectful.loving guy the best guy i have ever met.And he was a virgin you dont find many of those but anyways we have been together for a lil more than 3 months,things have been perfect....except his mom hates my guts.It started out good his mom said i was a sweet girl and that she loved me then it went bad she started spreading things about me and telling him i wasnt good enough and i didnt deserve him and more stuff,i didnt know what i did for her to say these things it really hurt me,and she didnt want us to be together.But my boyfriend said i just have to prove her wrong and show her im a good person so thats what i did i bent over back words for her to like me.For example,they were having a Graduation for her oldest son and i got there early to help out well her fam was suppose to come early and help out to well none of them showed up so it was just me and her i was really nervous i dont really like being around her she intimidates me lol but i delt with it and was very sweet and helpful and helped her with the WHOLE party.After the party she told him i was very helpful and sweet so i was happy but she still treated me odd.The father during this whole thing really like me which was refreshing but i still had to deal with her,things were getting a lil bit better as time progressed,butttttttt then they went downhill she started making up bad things about me and other things,but me and him fought through it.He was going through hell at home bc they kept drilling him about me i felt terrible it was really putting strain on his family life and our relationship.We got along perfect and everything was amazing except when it came to her it really made things hard.But we loved eachother and were gunna fight for to be together.Eventually she made him break up with me and made him have no contact with me,we are not really sure why i have done nothing for her to do this but idk she just snapped even though she thought she had won he has still been coming to my house without her knowing and bought a 2nd phone just to talk to me.It really showed alot that he loved me by what he was willing to do.And i know it was hard for him he lost his life bc of me his mom found out about us and took his phone away.his car.froze his bank account.and much more of his life and threated to get me and my fam arrested and him.We dont know why but shes crazy she just wants control over him and she knows she does bc she made him break up with me once and he did bc she gave him noooo choice.The cops have been involved bc this has gotton out of hand and we are not willing to just give up bc we know what we are goin to be together forever and we love eachother to much to let it go bc She wants us to.My Parenst on the other hand loveee him to death and already thing of him as a son.They even found out what we did and wernt that angry bc they know we are goin to be together and love eachother.Bc of all this they want him to move in with us to get him away from the situation.So long story short our Relationship consists of school but its good enough bc i rather have that then not him at all.and i visit him at work when i can.And out plans for the future is to him finish school.get a appartment.me finish school.move in with him.get married.move away.and start Our Life without anyone trying to ruin it.


I love him more than i ever imagined myself loving anyone he means everything to me and im never letting him go.We promised eachother forever and thats what it will be.

We did fight this fight for nothing My Love,we fought it for our Love so that shows we will be together Foreverr<3

ilovehim27 ilovehim27
18-21, F
Sep 27, 2009