A Year Later And Still Not Too Bright...

oh, dear love of my life from "i loved someone who didn't love me..."  i am still insane.

i saw him again last night... not much has changed.  it's amazing how everything changes and nothing changes.

i thought the reason he was not interested when we reconnected last year was because i was very overweight.  i have lost 100 lbs in the past year.  i am actually a healthy weight and he referred to me as "skinny" yesterday.  we were intimate like we've been for the past several months.  i can still feel his touch on my neck and my legs and my body and i have butterflies thinking about him and his sweet lips and i know... nothing has changed.  i cannot stop feeling this way.  i am so in love with this man.

i know that a lot of this is my fault.  i won't leave my current unsatisfying relationship.  i probably never will... well, until i get caught.  then my love will realize that he REALLY doesn't want to be with me and i shall be alone... and it will be my fault.

but for now i continue to love him.   

geenpunchbuggie geenpunchbuggie
1 Response Oct 27, 2009

you will never imagine how bad you will feel when all of this ends, if you know that love will end someday end it now because the sooner the better believe me I was there one day and I regret I didn't leave even one day sooner