How Amazing Love Is!

OKay well I've been with the same guy Jacen for some time now and I was starting to get angry because his ex used to be stalking us and some of my so called friends tried to get me to cheat on him and i hated it and was very hard to get over the betrayal. But anyways I even went to school with the girl and she still says that he is hers even though he broke up with her for being a cheating gross thing. Well anyways I was starting to think maybe he was cheating because of the rumors the girl had spread and i started to think he didn't love me but i decided to stay and good thing I did because this new year he proposed to me just as the ball hit zero. It was the most amazing thing to ever happen to me and im glad I didnt leave him because of all the rumors and harassment I was getting. I realized that as long as i had him we would always find a way to get through the hard times together and finally learned to ignore the rumors not to say there isnt one or two about us that doesnt make my laugh its just so stupid and that people believe it is even worse cause they look like idoits. We are kinda at a long distance relationship at the moment cause he wanted to go to this really good cooking school called Cordon Bleu and im still stuck in high school but it still works and i miss him so much.Best part is my parents are finally starting to take us seriously and even though jacen and i havent picked a date to get married or anything anytime soon i cant wait to have him back in my arms. So to everyone out there I wish you luck and I thank those who supported me just remember to trust the one you love and treasure the time you have with them. Good Luck everyone I hope you all find the person of your dreams.

Tayuya Tayuya
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2010