I am... :3


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Ah, I see. I knew I'd heard it before, I just didn't recognize it right off. :3

"kawaii" means cute in japanese and desu is just a word u add to sound polite ^^

Hunh? Sorry, I don't get it.

yeppie ^^ kawaii desu

:3 puppy love, eh?

aww ain't that cute XD

Lol :) Well hey, I'm still figuring it out, you'll hear about it eventually. :3

Aww man... I thought we had something going there... I suppose I'l just stalk you like I usually do lmao jk

No details for you! :3 jk. It is likely you may get some anyway...

Aww... I thought there would be details :(<br />
<br />
XD all in good time, I suppose :P<br />
<br />