I Am In Love

I and my boyfriend met when we started to go to a new school. I didn't think anything special about him first but later I had problems and I felt lonely at night and then I send him a text message. We became friends but he said he was in love with one girl in our class. I arranged them together but didn't felt very good. I was in love with him but I didn't confess it to myself. Then I went to France to our friends. There I thought about my friend. Just before I had gone to France, he had asked me "If I wasn't with my girlfriend, would we be together?" I had answered "no", but in France I thought that if he would ask me again, I would answer "yes". I was very happy and I thought about my returning home and how I would tell him that I love him. Then that happened and he said "I almost fell from the chair" because he was so surprised. He said he loved me but he loved his girlfriend more. It was March 2005.

I loved him and I was terribly depressed because he loved his girlfriend. We were friends and spended often time together. One day it just happened. We kissed. I was so happy and thought "now he leaves his girlfriend and starts with me". But no... His girlfriend forgave him and he didn't spend time with me anymore. I was depressed the whole summer. I was sure that he would never love me. But, in August 2005, his girlfriend left him. A couple of weeks after that I got a text message from him. "should we see some day this week?" We have been together since then. And I'm very happy with him. ^_^

(sorry for my bad English. Please tell me if I made mistakes!)
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A very beautiful love story. Congratulations!

congrats :)

How old are you?