And I Am Scared To Death

This story starts,  December around the 14th, my husband and I were living in a fixer upper owned by my folks (I have commitment issues, a bit to much commitment) the pipes froze, and a sweetheart of a co worker offered us a place to live, split bills and help him out while he helped us out, he had a mountain of debt from his wifes spending habits, 2 kids that needed a sitter, and we needed a place with running water. Mind you my husband had never met the guys wife before, we found that out, despite her trail of affairs my husband wasn't among them. (well its possible but it was covered up so well if that no one in this small rural town knows)  December  19th  My husband, and his wife drop a bomb, him and her fell in love, and want to divorce us so they can marry each other, says they are soul mates and meant to be together. Needless to say, the co worker and I were devistated by the news despite us realizing now that our marriages were unhealthy for us, and destined to be failures. 

Him and I had a brief fling due to over use of alcohol and major depression, and got blamed for the situation due to being caught, admittedly two wrongs don't make a right, but blaming your spouse for flings after you asked for a divorce and went out for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a tad silly, all silliness aside though since this situation had more silliness then most would accept (actually we were all quite the topic locally, and still are, though less now then the months we were all living in the same house when my friend and his wife were arguing over who got the house, she ended up with it, he realized he never wanted that house to begin with it was the start of his epic debt due to his wife wanting bigger and better all the time. (Always makes me giggle considering shes dating a guy who controlled the finances yet struggled to pay the bills and lived paycheck to paycheck with a good income in a house he only had to pay cheep land tax and utilities both it came to my attention post divorce he was disturbingly behind on, actually worse then paycheck to paycheck, during divorce financial sorting I realized we were overdrawn by allot every check for the past 5 years)

I never wanted to get into another relationship so soon, my friend didn't either, we both said we refused to share our spouses insanity, we were going to avoid the rebound thing (which is why we are worried) we like each other to much to risk a rebound. Well we moved in together, bad idea, we decided two households with kids it would save allot of trouble on visitation this way,  well 6 kids we decided to say hell with it, and shared the same room, lack of beds it was to hell with it now we are sharing a bed... We get depressed and we fall back on each other, now we act like an old married couple, a functional old married couple, but a married couple non the less. Well save arguements as in the time we have been together we haven't managed to get in one of those. 

I am scared though, he is scared, we didn't want to rush things but still managed to talk ourselves into it. Guess all we can do is move forward and hope for the best. He was entirely faithful in a dysfunctional relationship till his wife asked for a divorce and I was entirely faithful in mine, both committed to what we had, so at least our past can give us hope for a future. 

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Hehe yeah the guy I am in love with thinks we should write a book, then again we both think the whole thing was so darn odd and messed up that everyone would think its fiction other then the locals :) and the locals are just eager to see us because our life makes a soap opera look normal and sane.

Sorry its been painful for you, but what a great story. Its worthy of a movie. Hope all works out well for you.<br />
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